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Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Why Coaching

Partnering with a leadership coach enables leaders to spend the time they might not otherwise make for themselves to reflect, set specific goals, become more aware of their strengths and areas for development and create a path towards success.


Organizations that invest in leadership coaching grow leaders who:

  • Contribute positively to their organizations and drive exceptional business results.


  • Demonstrate measurable progress aligned with the achievement of professional development goals.


  • Recognize their strengths and know how to leverage them.


  • Find a clearer sense of their authentic leadership style and know who they want to be as a leader.

  • Build stronger and more effective relationships with others.

  • Establish clarity around career plans and goals.


  • Feel more inspired, energized and engaged.


  • Collaborate and team more effectively with others.​​

Who Benefits

Coaching can benefit any individual who wants to enhance potential, change behaviors and continue to learn and grow as a leader.  Sample coaching opportunities include:

  • High-potential employees looking to grow and prepare for milestone promotions and increased responsibilities (e.g., senior managers on target for promotion to director-level roles; or newer consultants who are building leadership skills to prepare for executive level positions).


  • Leaders who are onboarding and integrating into new roles, providing them with the support they need to make an immediate impact while taking the time to set achievable goals.


  • Participants in leadership development programs can benefit from one-on-one coaching opportunities to further enhance their growth.​

  • 360 assessment debrief and action planning, ensuring that leaders are able to effectively process performance feedback and create a plan for success.

What to Expect

At the center of our approach is a coaching philosophy that is:

  • Characterized by a trusted relationship built over time between coach and client.

  • Focused on the “whole” person, not just the person we bring to work.

  • Goal-based, meaning clients identify goals to be achieved, track action towards that achievement, and learn from success and derailers along the way.

  • Dedicated to building self-awareness and an authentic leadership style.

  • Life changing…focused on making changes that influence our clients’ fulfillment in both their professional and personal lives.


  • Strengths-based…capitalizing on existing strengths to achieve fulfillment and success.

Team Coaching

Team Development 

Team-based offerings include customized development programs that:


• Build awareness and enhanced performance around teams’ collective strengths.


• Analyze personal communication styles and their impact on building effective relationships.


• Improve overall team performance, engagement, collaboration and impact.

Leadership Development Consulting

Leadership Development Consulting

We offer an integrated and seamless leadership development approach that includes:

• Talent management (e.g., identifying and developing current and future leaders).

• Leadership development program design and advisory services.

• Enhanced individual development through one-on-one coaching.

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