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"I had the pleasure to work with Michelle for many years and most recently in her role as the Human Capital & Talent Management Lead for Accenture’s six thousand employee Global Shared Services Organization. Michelle brought to the table well-respected thought leadership in the areas of Human Capital, Talent Architecture, Talent Leadership & Development and Coaching and regularly added value in a complex global environment. As a trusted advisor to our leadership team, Michelle brought a collaborative focus as our people strategy was being developed, implemented and modified to meet the needs of the business.  Michelle simply gets things done in a high-quality manner, understands the critical importance on the growth and development of people and has a unique skill set to inspire people to achieve their goals."

Dave Dirmish / Global Business Operations & Services Director / Accenture 

“I have known Michelle for several years since we were both at Accenture and taught leadership development to high-trajectory Accenture leaders around the world. This program was considered "best in class" and I give Michelle a lot of credit for making this program the success it was. Michelle is truly an expert in leadership development and has the unique ability to relate to anyone regardless of gender, ethnicity or culture. She is a great listener who puts people at ease while at the same time challenging them to do more. Michelle is also an advocate of "strengths-based" leadership which focuses on individual strengths rather than trying to make everyone good at everything. I would strongly recommend Michelle to anyone who desires to take his/her performance to the next level.”

Joel Stern / CEO / The National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms, Inc.

“Michelle was my coach for a leadership practicum offered through my business school. She helped me review and interpret the Hogan personality assessments that I took during the practicum and was incredibly helpful in helping me identify concrete and specific ways that I could develop as a classmate, professional and person. She is great at asking thoughtful questions that deepen the conversation, which made me feel that I had made progress after each of our calls. Michelle had a genuine interest in my development and professional path, so I felt that I could trust her very early on.”

C.Y. Wang / MBA Candidate / University of Chicago Booth School of Business

“As a coach, Michelle went above and beyond, and she did it from a place of genuine care and support. She remembered themes and concepts that we had discussed on previous calls. Not only that, but she saw and drew connections between those 'stories' in a way that helped me see how my own thought and behavior patterns are consistent, so that we could make sense of those patterns and figure out what it meant. What is especially valuable is her ability to make sense of those results all together and see how they play off each other. She’s passionate about helping people find meaning and purpose in their lives. As a result of our conversations, I have a much better sense for what drives me and what gives me a sense of fulfillment.”

Jenna Brubaker / MSLOC Graduate Student / Northwestern University

"I had a great experience having Michelle as a coach assigned to me as part of a leadership development program in Accenture. She built trust and openness through her genuine style from our first conversation, she is an excellent listener who made me feel unjudged. She helped me figure out what I needed and wanted to get out of the coaching sessions and made sure we were on track to achieve my goals. The coaching conversations were really helpful for me. Thanks, Michelle!”

Natalia Alviar / Business Operations Senior Manager / Accenture Ireland

“Michelle was my coach for a leadership program at Accenture. She did a fantastic job and brought an unforgettable coaching experience to me. Through our coaching sessions, she was able to fully listen to me on my challenges, and she kept the curiosity as a coach to let me explore key challenges and options. She always focused on my agenda, not only helping me find the solutions through powerful questions, but she also showed her empathy, and was with me to process my emotions. She easily built trust and an alliance with me. After six coaching conversations, I made great progress in terms of leading others /my team with trusting relationships. Michelle’s powerful questions really shed a light for me. As a leader, now I am much confident and trustful in leading my team.”

Helen Cheng / Human Resources Senior Manager / Accenture China

“Michelle has been a great coach to work with. We quickly developed a rapport and the discussions are always valuable and thought provoking. Michelle brings in-depth knowledge of coaching concepts and techniques and is able to apply them to our discussions in such a way as to make them stress-free, engaging and enjoyable. I look forward to our discussions, it is great opportunity to step back and reflect, I refer to each session as a “spa break for the mind” – a welcome break in a hectic schedule. I would definitely recommend Michelle as a coach.”

Scott Wilson / Strategy & Enablement Finance Director  / Accenture UK

“Michelle is a phenomenal coach. Her ability to build trust quickly, her genuine authenticity, and her deep insight create value starting in the very first session. Michelle's caring nature combined with her deep listening skills helped me unearth some mindsets that had unknowingly been holding me back in my professional life. Michelle used assessment data and powerful questioning to help me discover my own strengths and grow into my potential. While working with Michelle as my coach, I secured a huge promotion at work, and had a very successful transition out of my previous role. For anybody looking to deepen their understanding of their self, strengths, purpose, and potential, I highly recommend Michelle as a coach!”

Jamie White / Associate Director of Admissions / Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management

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